Robotic surgery of the thyroid gland – I.V. Reshetov, N.S. Sukortseva, A.A. Shevalgin, Y.S. Agakina, P.S. Bagdasarov, D.I. Gabaidze, P.A. Nasilevsky

The degree of invasion of the pituitary adenoma into the cavernous sinus as one of the factors affecting the quality of life and intellectual-mnestic function before and after resection – V.Y. Cherebillo, M.Y. Kurnukhina, A.A. Gusev, N.S. Puzakov

Craniometaphyseal dysplasia: clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis difficulties and treatment options – A.V. Lopatin, S.A. Yasonov, A.Yu. Kugushev, D.V. Rogozhin

Studying the physiological effects of a new model of septoplasty in rats – I.V. Kastyro, I.V. Reshetov, V.I. Popadyuk, V.I. Torshin, N.V. Ermakova, O.V. Karpukhina, A.N. Inozemtsev, G.V. Khamidulin, P.E. Shmaevsky, G.G. Sardarov, D.V. Gordeev, A.A. Scopich

Method for endoscopic plastic surgery of persistent perforation of the nasal septum – I.I. Morozov, N.S. Grachev

Cross section study and analysis of toothbrushes contamination and disinfection Study of 101 toothbrushes emloyed from the people of different ages – Nabila El Allali El Hamdaoui, Milena Knezevic, Milan Knezevic, Mario Manuel Vicente-Barrero


Multiple primary carcinoid of the larynx and trachea, complicated with decompensated stenosis – D.V. Bazarov, A.Y. Grigorchuk, P.D. Pryanikov, K.A. Abdumuradov, M.A. Vyzhigina, A.D. Magidin, S.Z. Claymi

Diagnosis and treatment of epitelioid hemangioen- dothelioma of synonasal localization: clinical case – M.S. Kuznecov, A.V. Voronov, A.V. Savello, V.V. Dvorjanchikov, V.R. Gofman, P.V. Kireev

Clinical cases of atypical osteonecrosis of the facial bones in patients with type 2 diabetes – O.V. Dzhirgalov, Yu.A. Medvedev, R.V. Kutsenko

Hairy polyp of the naso-oropharynx – I.V. Zyabkin, P.D. Pryanikov, A.Y. Mironov, J.A. Chuchkalova


Nutrition support as an important and mandatory component of radio-and chemoradiotherapy for patients with oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer – N.S. Sukortseva, I.V. Reshetov, Yu.S. Agakina, A.A. Shevalgin, I.I. Bykov

Second breath: the use of heat and moisture exchangers for pulmonary rehabilitation of tracheostomized patients – I.V. Reshetov, A.S. Fatyanova, M.A. Ignatyeva

The use of fluorescent angiography with indocyanine green in endocrine surgery – a future technology for identification of the parathyroid glands or a fleeting hobby? – K.V. Vabalayte, A.D. Somova, A.F. Romanchishen



In Memory Of Dmitry Nikolaevich Kapitanov (21.05.1964–23.04.2020)