Prognostic value of uveal melanoma echo structure – V.V. Neroev, A.G. Amiryan, S.V. Saakyan, V.V. Valsky

Opportunities of modern instrumental diagnostic methods for metastatic lesions visualization in patients with uveal melanoma – K.V. Avakyan, S.V. Saakyan, A.G. Amiryan, I.P. Aslanidi, O.V. Mukhortova

Rethynopathy of premature kids: clinical manifestations and differential diagnostics – L.V. Kogoleva, L.A. Katargina, E.V. Denisova, M.V. Belova, N.A. Osipova

Radio-wave technology for eyelid surgery and oculus removal as a modern approach to surgical treatment and rehabilitation – I.A. Filatova, S.A. Shemetov, I.M. Mohammad, B.M. Baratov

β-and γ-herpes viruses as risk factors for non-hodgkin lymphomas of conjunctiva and orbit – G.I. Krichevskaya, S.V. Saakyan, E.B. Myakoshina, T.A. Andreeva, G.P. Zakharova, A.M. Maibogin, A.E. Andryushin

Clinical, morphological and immunohistochemical specifics of oral cavity mucosa in patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerous colitis – N.S. Robakidze, A.V. Tzimbalistov, A.Yu. Baranovsky

Reduced occlusion syndrom – I.V. Voityatzkaya, A.V. Tsimbalistov


Surgery of locally advanced and disseminated thyroid cancer complicated by tumorous trahea stenosis – D.V. Bazarov, A.A. Pechetov, A.Yu. Grigorchuk, M.A. Vyzhigina, V.V. Nikoda, K.O. Abdumuradov, R.D. Sharipzhanova, E.A. Epifantsev, E.V. Boranov, A.A. Kavochkin, D.G. Kabakov


Precision metal complexes for implantation in maxillo-facial region – I.V. Reshetov, D.S. Svyatoslavov, K.G. Kudrin, V.A. Dub

The problems of the eyelid and the inner eye corner tumors treatment – I.V. Reshetov, O.I. Kit, M.A. Engibaryan


Treatment of bisphosphonate necrosis of the jaws with ozone obtained by ultraviolet irradiation – I.M. Makeeva, A.G. Volkov, N.J. Dikopova, N.A. Jukova, S.S. Akhmedbaeva