Providing of temopo-mandubular joint fibrocartilage mobility after curative and diagnostic arthroscopy – R.I. Yurkevich, V.V. Bekreev, S. Yu. Ivanov, Т.А. Gruzdeva, Т.В.Bykovskaya,B.G.Garamyan

Application of fiber titanium nickelide for residual bone cavities filling – Yu.A. Medvedev, L.A. Shestakova, D.A. Usatov

Prevention of the trigeminal nerve’s third branch injuries during the sagittal osteotomy of the mandible – EM. Musaeva, S.Yu. Ivanov, A.A. Murayev, A.M. Gusarov

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Using the Partially Demineralized Allogene Implant in the Skull Construction for Defects of Bone Compensation in the Middle and Upper Facial Zone – M.V. Lekishviki, A.Yu. Ryabov, A.S. Pankratov, V.S. Akatov, Yu.B. Yurasova

Treatment of patients with posttraummatic deformations of the zygomatico-orbital complex with the intraoperative navigation system use – A.M. Gusarov, S.Yu. Ivanov, P.N. Mitroshenkov, A.A. Muraev, P.P. Mitroshenkov

The determination of electrochemical potentials in the oral cavity, as a way to diagnose galvanic syndrome, which contributes to the development of diseases of the mucous membrane – I.M. Makeeva, A.G. Volkov, N.Zh. Dikopova, N.V. Makarenko


Algorithm of reconstruction method selection in patients with face combustion consequences – N.L. Korotkova, S.Yu. Ivanov, A.A. Muraev, E.V. Safyanova

Less invasive endoscopic surgery of sialolithiasis – S.P. Sysolyatin, K.A. Bannikova, P.G. Sysolyatin, M.O. Palkina, S.Yu. Ivanov

Dental rehabilitation of a pationts with tempolomandibular joint contaction


Osteoradionecrosis of jaws: pathogenesis conception — E.V Verbo, A.S Kraitor


The rationale for the term «compression-distraction osteosynthesis» use in the scientific medical literature


To the anniversary of Andrey Vladimirovich Vazhenin