Panin A.M., Gurevich K.G., Tsitsiashvili A.M., Akimochkina L.A. The role of clinical nutrition in the perioperative period in patients undergoing oral and maxillofacial surgery. Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2023;11(3):68–75


The issues of clinical nutrition in surgical patients with diseases of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area remain relevant. Surgical operations in the maxillofacial area and oral cavity inevitably, to a greater or lesser extent, lead to a violation of the usual diet and insufficient intake of nutrients, which directly affects the course of the postoperative period. To assess current trends in this area, a literature search was conducted in the PubMed, Elibrary, Scopus databases. This review presents the main aspects related to the concept of nutritional support, its types, the current state of the problem of clinical nutrition in patients with diseases of the head and neck. Having studied modern domestic and foreign studies, we conclude that it is possible to reduce the number of complications and speed up the recovery and rehabilitation of patients after various surgeries on the head and neck by providing adequate nutrition in the preoperative and early postoperative period in inpatient setting. This, together with other factors, makes it promising to develop and implement such schemes of perioperative support in surgical patients with diseases of the head and neck in outpatient departments.
Key words: clinical nutrition, perioperative nutritional support; Enhanced Recovery After Surgery; enteral nutrition; oral and maxillofacial surgery
Conflicts of interest. The author have no conflicts of interest to declare.
Funding. There was no funding for this study

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