Dolgalev А.A., Trubushkina E.M., Kutsenko A.P., Dotdaeva K.R., Put V.A., Svyatoslavov D.S., Gladyshev V.A., Muraev A.A. The method of the oroantral fistula treatment. Head and neck. Russian journal = Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2022;10(2):41–48 (In Russian).

We present a clinical evaluation of methods for closure of the perforation and oroantral fistula of the maxillary sinus (MS) based on the use of insulating membranes. Collagen membrane (extracellular matrix) and nonresorbable
titanium-reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene membrane were used as a barrier to close the perforation and oroantral fistula of the maxillary sinus. An algorithm for the management of patients with the MS perforation was proposed, and the treatment tactics for patients with oroantral fistula was determined. As a result of applying the methods of treatment of the MS perforation and closure of the oroantral fistula based on the use of isolating membranes, the invasiveness was significantly reduced in comparison with traditional treatment methods, and the terms of restoration of the MS mucosa and oral mucosa were shortened.
Keywords: maxilla, perforation, maxillary sinus, oroantral fistula, collagen membrane, titanium-reinforced membrane
Conflict of interest. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.
Funding. There was no funding for this study.

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