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Torshin V.I., Kastyro I.V., Kostyaeva M.G., Eremina I.Z., Ermakova N.V., Khamidulin G.V., Shevtsova S.N., Tsaturova I.A., Skopich A.A., Popadyuk V.I. The effect of experimental modeling of septoplasty on rat hippocampal cytoarchitectonics.  Golova i sheya. Rossijskij zhurnal = Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2019;7(4):33–41 (in Russian).

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Doi: 10.25792/HN.2019.7.4.33–41

Objective: to evaluate the effect of septoplasty modeling on changes in the hippocampal cytoarchitectonics in rats. Material and methods. The study was conducted on 80 sexually mature male rats. In the experimental 1st and 2nd groups, premedication with phenazepamum solution was performed. The first group: 30 rats, local infiltration anesthesia with 2% lidocaine solution; the second group: 30 rats, local infiltration anesthesia with 2% ultracaine solution, postoperative analgesia with sodium diclofenac solution (6 days); the 3rd and 4th groups were control (10 animals each). In groups 1–3, pre-trepanation fixation of the brain was performed, in group 4 this was not done, and artifact dark neurons (DN) were counted. We studied the number of DN in the hippocampus  on brain sections stained with hematoxylin-eosin on the 2nd, 6th and 14th days after surgery.

Results. In the 2nd group, in the zones CA1, CA2, CA3 and DG, a smaller number of DN was observed compared with  the 1st group on the 6th day (p <0.05), and on the 14th day in the 2nd group the number of DN was comparable with  the 3rd group in zones CA1 and CA2 (p<0.05). In the 4th group, compared with the 3rd group, the number of DN was significantly higher in all hippocampal zones (p<0.05).

Conclusions. Quantitative changes in DN may indicate the effect of surgical stress in the modeling of septoplasty and various anesthesia on changes in cytoarchitectonics in various parts of the hippocampus. Keywords: dark neurons, septoplasty, surgical stress, septoplasty modeling, hippocampus

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