Rybchenok V.V., Pryanikov P.D., Starostin O.I., Ryzhov E.A., Korenkova S.S., Arevina V.E., Gaibadulina A.A., Plotnikov N.A. Replacement of a large neck tissue defect with a non-free musculocutaneous flap of the pectoralis major muscle in combination with open laryngoplasty with an autorib with the formation of a tracheostomy in a 16-year-old with an electric arc burn. Head and neck. Russian magazine = Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2022;10(2):60–68.

Electrical injury and electrical burns are an integral part of the structure of injuries in countries with developed industry and electrical networks [1]. In our time, victims of electricity account for about 5% of those admitted to burn centers around the world [2]. Patients with electrical injury differ from patients who received thermal injury from  other etiological factors: younger age, smaller area and greater depth of skin lesions[3], severe course and high mortality [2], high incidence of disability [4]. This clinical case is of particular interestdue to the fact that publications on elec tric al injur y c ontain relatively lit tle information about surgic al treatment:when it should b egin, what nec essar y interventions should be performed, and what will happen if they are not performed [5].
Key words: electrical injury, electrical burns, neck burns, laryngoplasty with autorib, autodermoplasty, autorib, tracheostomy
Conflict of interest. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.
Funding. There was no funding for this study.

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