For citations: Reshetov I.V., Makarov V.N. Radiofrequency ablation of head and neck tumors without contacting electrodes. Golova I Sheya = Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2018;6(3):20–27 (in Russian). The authors are responsible for the originality of the data presented and the possibility of publishing illustrative material such as tables, figures, photographs of patients.

Doi: 10.25792/HN.2018.6.3.20–27

Octreotide is a synthetic analogue of somatostatin hormone which is widely used for the treatment of acromegaly, for benign and malignant tumors of hypothalamus and gastro-intestinal (GI) tract therapy, and for prophylaxis of postoperative GI complications as well as for lymphorrhea elimination and fistulous defects clearing. Surgery on major salivary glands presumes the development of various postoperative complications such as salivary fistulas, seromas, lymphorrhea, hematomas and contaminated wound, especially in patients who underwent head and neck radiotherapy.

Bearing in mind all the positive effects of Octreotide as well as some data concerning its advantageous influence on salivary fistulas management as a component of complex treatment, the authors initiated a clinical study with expertise on the base of the department of plastic surgery of the 1st I.M. Sechenov Moscow state medical university. Positive results have been obtained with Octreotide use for prophylaxis of complications after salivary glands surgery. Thus, the authors consider the further clinical trials with Octreotide reasonable.

Key words: Оctreotide, salivary glands, postoperative complications prophylaxis, salivary glands cancer, salivary gland adenoma, somatostatin analogue

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