Sidorenko S.I., Reshetov I.V., Lopatin A.V., Putilina E.A., Nasedkin A.N., Usacheva E.L., Sagatelyan M.O., Mironov A.Yu., Ponomareva N.I., Kostyleva M.N., Yazeva N.A., Pryanikov P.D. Principles of complex therapy of juvenile respiratory papillomatosis. Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2021;9(4):67–76 (In Russian).
The authors are responsible for the originality of the data presented and the possibility of publishing illustrative material – tables, figures, photographs of patients.

Respiratory papillomatosis is a complex, unresolved problem of modern otorhinolaryngology. At the moment, there is no consensus on the principles of therapy for this disease, both surgical approaches and anti-relapse conservative therapy.

Key words: juvenile respiratory papillomatosis, complex therapy, Recombinant interferon, Bevacizumab, Cidofovir, Immunomax

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