Titov K.I. Moscow University and the old-believers in deed of founding of the Morozov Institute for the treatment of tumors – the First oncological institute in Eastern Europe (to the 120th anniversary of the Morozov Institute for the treatment of tumors). Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2023;11(4):73–82

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25792/HN.2023.11.4.73-82


The aim of the study is to study the joint contribution of the Moscow University and the old-believers in deed founding and subsequent prosperity of the «Morozov Institute for the treatment of tumors».

Material and methods. The study was performed on the results of the search of works in the Internet databases using the words: Morozov Institute, L.L. Levshin, V.A. Morozov and others.

Results. Under a public-private partnership upon charitabl’s contribution’s of old-believer families a Сlinical campus of the Faculty of Medicine of the Imperial Moscow University was built in 1887-1897. The Clinical campus was founded by the Honorary Citizen of Moscow, a famous philanthropist and public figure, owner of the Tver Manufactory Varvara Alekseevna Morozova. The Medical Faculty received particularly large donations from the Morozov family. The foundation of the anti-cancer service was laid in 1898, when the «Morozov Institute for the treatment of tumors» (Institute) was founded. On 24 (12) February 1898, at a meeting of the Board of the Imperial Moscow University, Professor Lev Lvovich Levshin made a proposal to organize an oncological institution. Many Morozovs and their relatives participated in the financing of the Institute’s construction and subsequent activities. The consecration of the Institute took place on 18 November (1 December) 1903. The outstanding achievements of the Institute were noted in 1914 in resolution of the I All-Russian congress of oncologists, which thanked Varvara Alekseevna Morozova, Ivan Abramovich Morozov and Alexander Grigorievich Yeliseyev for setting up a model special institution, which became the pride of Russia.

Conclusion. We will honor and celebrate the memory of outstanding citizens of Russia — Honorary Citizen of Moscow Varvara Alekseevna Morozova, First and Lifetime Director of the Morozov Institute for the treatment of tumors Professor Lev Lvovich Levshin, all those, who created the First oncological institute of Europe and taught with their lives and activities a worthy example of serving the Fatherland. Let us earnestly pray to our Lord Jesus Christ for the repose of their souls.

Key words: old-believers, history of oncology, First oncological institute in Eastern Europe, Morozov-Institute for the treatment of oncology

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