Resetov I.V., Fatyanova A.S., Babayeva Yu.V., Kiseleva A.E., Korolkova I.D. L.L. Levshin — from the prosectorium and surgery to the beginning of the institutionalization of cancer care in Russia. Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2021;9(2):86–91 (In Russian).

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Lev Lvovich Levshin graduated from the Imperial Medical-Surgical Academy with a Gold Medal of Honor. During the Russian-Turkish war, he served as a Chief of Medical and Casualty Evacuation. L. L. Levshin was transferred to Moscow as a Professor at the Department of Hospital Surgery at Moscow University in 1893. The first Russian Institute for Cancer Treatment was founded on the initiative and with a huge personal involvement of L. L. Levshin in Moscow on Malaya Pirogovskaya (prev. known as Malaya Tsaritsynskaya) street on November 18, 1903. The directions of surgical and clinical activities of the Institute were based on the progressive views and positions, supporting the research work in the field of specific antitumor agents. In fact, L. L. Levshin could be considered the first Oncologist in our country. He established the principles of the combined treatment of cancer, applying surgical methods, radiation and chemotherapy.

Key words: oncology, Levshin, Cancer Institute, Malaya Pirogovskaya street, Moscow University

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