For citation: Popadyuk V.I., Novozhilova E.N., Chernolev A.I., Kastyro I.V., Antoniv V.F. Features of management of patients after laryngectomy during Pandemic COVID-19. Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2020;8(4):86–91 (In Russian).
The authors are responsible for the originality of the data presented and the possibility of publishing illustrative material – tables, figures, photographs of patients.

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly around the world. The healthcare systems worldwide are facing extraordinary problems in the creation and distribution of medical resources, including the re-equipment and creation of new hospital beds, and the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE). In this situation, patients who undergo a laryngectomy (complete removal of the larynx) are a special category. Given the fact that during the operation they have a separation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, such patients require special attention from oncologists and otorhinolaryngologists. Purpose of the study was to review the characteristics of patient management after a laryngectomy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Conclusion. Patients after laryngectomy represent a unique contingent in conditions of coronavirus infection SARS-COV-2, it is advisable to focus on providing them with protective equipment (filters and heat exchangers). This will significantly reduce the risk of infection, which can be a deadly threat to them. Infected patients during an epidemic represent a potential source of infection for medical staff, which requires special protective measures. All procedures associated with the replacement of the prosthesis, endoscopic manipulations, are recommended to be postponed until the normalization of the epidemiological situation. If carrying out such operations is vital, then they should be carried out with all the necessary precautions for both the patient and medical staff.

Key words: coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), laryngectomy

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