Head and neck. Russian Journal. 2021;9(3):72–78 (In Russian). The authors are responsible for the originality of the data presented and the possibility of publishing illustrative material – tables, figures, photographs of patients.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25792/HN.2021.9.3.72-78

During a planned dental clinical and radiological examination, a patient may have areas of structural changes in the jaw bones that require histopathological examination with subsequent diagnostics. The most reliable method of verifying the cellular composition of a tissue is biopsy. The open biopsy method is recognized the gold standard, but its implementation in the oral cavity may be associated with high invasiveness and the risk of injury to anatomical structures in case of a deep location of the zone of interest. A less invasive, alternative method of trephine biopsy (thick-needle biopsy), guided in real time by MRI, US, requires expensive equipment and special conditions for the organization of a medical institution. In this article, we propose a new method of guided trephine biopsy of structural changes in the jaw bones using a guiding surgical template, made individually in advance using 3D printing based on the patient’s examination data, which will reduce the invasiveness and increase the safety and effectiveness of this diagnostic operation. Material and methods. In the Department of Surgical Dentistry of the CDC MSMSU, male patient Z. underwent guided trephine biopsy of the area of structural changes in the lower jaw on the right. Results. The use of guided trephine biopsy of the jaw bones made it possible to take a biopsy sample from the area of interest of the lower jaw in complex anatomical conditions, safely and minimally invasive. Conclusion. The new method of guided trephine biopsy of the jaw bones may be promising, as it allows for biopsy sampling in complex anatomical areas, minimizing the risk of damaging the anatomical structures adjacent to the lesion, reducing the invasiveness and increasing the safety and effectiveness of the jaw bone biopsy.

Key words: jaw bone biopsy, jaw bone trephine-biopsy, maxillofacial tumors, 3D printing, surgical template
Conflicts of interest. The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare. Funding. There was no funding for this study.

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