History of the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital. 01/13/2021 The opening of a head and neck clinic at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital


Diagnosis and treatment of sagittal craniosynostosis in children over 2 years of age – D.A. Reshchikov, A.V. Lopatin, A.A. Kholin, S.A. Yasonov, I.G. Vasiliev, A.Yu. Kugushev

Strictly conservative indications for endovascular occlusive embolization as the algorithm basis for the intraoperative blood loss reduction and blood transfusion prevention in the juvenile nasopharynx and skull base angiofibromas – N.S. Grachev, I.N. Vorozhtsov, I.V. Zyabkin, S.V. Frolov, E.Yu. Yaremenko

Rhinosinusosurgery in children with cystic fibrosis – D.P. Polyakov, N.A. Daykhes, А.S. Yunusov, O.V. Karneyeva, Y.I. Kondrat’yeva, A.S. Petrov, P.I. Belavina, A.G. Ryazanskaya, E.V. Molodtsova

Cervico-medullary compression in children with achondroplasia: diagnosis and treatment – D.A. Reshchikov, V.V. Palm, I.G. Vasiliev, I.V. Rasskazchikova


Clinical case – laryngeal reinnervation in child in Russian Federation. Bilateral selective laryngeal reinnervation in a 9-year-old girl with bilateral laryngeal paralysis after thyroidectomy for medullary thyroid cancer – I.V. Reshetov, A.G. Rumyantsev, G.A. Novichkova, P.D. Pryanikov, N.S. Grachev, A.N. Nasedkin, I.V. Zyabkin, G.A. Polev, S.I. Sidorenko, A.A. Naleev, O.A. Laisheva, A.A. Bystrova, I.N. Vorozhtcov, J.P. Marie

Circular resection of trachea in an 8-year-old child with 4th Cotton-Mayer stage cicatricial tracheal stenosis – P.D. Pryanikov, I.V. Zyabkin, G.P. Brusov, A.A. Naleev, V.I. Efimova, D.V. Rogozhin, A.A. Alichanov, A.P. Shechtman, F.А. Kurbanova, A.Y. Mironov

Case report: fibrotic dysplasia of lower jaw – surgical treatment and rehabilitation – N.M. Markov, N.S. Grachev, N.V. Babaskina, P.A. Demenchuk, N.V. Vorozhtsov, A.S. Krasnov, G.A. Novichkova

Congenital heterotopia (teratoma) of the oropharynx – N.А. Daikhes, A.S. Yunusov, D.P. Polyakov, E.V. Molodtsova, P.I. Belavina, A.G. Ryazanskaya

Long-term follow-up in retinoblastoma suvivors: second nonocular malignant tumors (series of incidents) – S.V. Saakyan, S.S. Tadevosyan, A.Yu. Tsygankov, O.A. Ivanova


Mirgazizov Marsel Zakeevich (January 1, 1935 – October 22, 2020)